Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1863: "Patriotic Ode Sung in Charleston, South Carolina, on the 4th of July, 1828"

Patriotic Ode Sung in Charleston, South Carolina, on the 4th of July, 1828.
Source: Pacific Commercial Advertiser. Honolulu: July 2, 1863.

The following patriotic ode was written for and sung at the celebration of American Independence, in the City of Charleston, South Carolina, in 1828, and is now re-produced from a memory of 30 years.

Tune- Bruce's Address.

Hail! our country's natal morn,
Hail! our spreading kindred born,
Hail! our banner not yet torn,
Waving o'er the free.
While this day in festal throng
Millions swell the patriot's song,
Shall not we thy notes prolong?
Hallowed jubilee!

Who would sever freedom's shrine?
Who would draw the invidious line?
Though one spot by birth be mine,
Dear is all the rest.
Dear to me the South's fair land,
Dear the central mountain band,
Dear New England's rocky strand,
Dear the prairied West.

By our altars pure and free,
By our laws' deep rooted tree,
By the past's dead memory,
By our Washington;
By our common parent tongue,
By our hopes, bright, buoyant, young-
By the ties of country, strong-
We will still be one.

Fathers! have ye bled in vain?
Ages! shall we drop again?
Make ___ we rashly stain
_____ngs sent by thee?
_____ receive our solemn vow-
_____ before Thy throne we bow-
_____ to maintain as now,
Union! Liberty?

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